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Poietis develops and produces human, customized tissues using 4D bioprinting for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications as well as regenerative medicine. Complex 3D tissues are obtained by high resolution Laser-Assisted Bioprinting.

Headquarters Bioparc Bordeaux Métropole Bâtiment C – 1er étage 27 allée Charles Darwin Pessac 33600 France
Categories: Bioprinting /Biofabrication
CEO: Fabien Guillemot Phone: +33 5 35 54 47 28


Poietis is a biotechnology company specializing in the design of regenerative medicine therapies thanks to 4D laser bioprinting. It provides industrial stakeholders and researchers with a unique platform to design and manufacture bio-printed products for regenerative medicine, preclinical research and evaluating the efficacy of cosmetic products and ingredients.

Poietis is currently developing 3D physiological models and has partnerships with major pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. These tissue models allow for a more predictive in vitro assessment of the toxicity and the efficacy of candidate drugs and new cosmetic ingredients.

Poietis has undertaken several projects with international leaders to develop complex bio-printed products such as the bioprinting of a hair follicle with L’Oréal (see Press Release). Poietis has developed its single-cell bioprinting platform to make tissue bioprinting processes compatible with the requirements of industrial production and the standards for manufacturing clinical products.


NGB-R Bioprinter: Research Applications

NGB-R is a multimodal and high-end, 4D bioprinting system developed and designed specifically for tissue engineers, researchers and biologists.

Combining laser-assisted, micro-valve and extrusion bioprinting, it enables true versatility of bioprinting (from cell to spheroids) and offers the possibility of using a large number of biomaterials and hydrogels.

NGB-R includes an embedded microscope for in-line cell printing monitoring and relies on a complete software suite for managing bioprinting protocols, from biological CAD to data analysis of manufacturing.

NGNGB-C Bioprinter: Clinical Applications

B-C is a clinical-grade, GMP-compliant Bioprinter designed to meet the needs of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) production and the requirements of Poietis’ partners.

NGB-C Bioprinter enables the manufacturing of human living tissues in a closed system, under completely aseptic conditions, within an isolator. It relies on Poietis Next-Generation Bioprinting platform and integrates technologies that ensure the repeatability and complete traceability of manufacturing operations.

The commonality between NGB-C and NGB-R Bioprinters will facilitate the transposition of preclinical R&D results to the clinical phases and will accelerate the development and the access to innovative therapies for patients.

Our Story
Born within the Incubateur Régional d’Aquitaine (IRA) from 2014 to 2014 and winner of the Concours i-LAB 2014 (2014 Innovative Technology Business Creation National Competition, launched by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research), Poietis valorizes almost 10 years of research led at the Inserm and the University of Bordeaux focusing on the development of new approaches to tissue engineering.

Labeled a “Young Innovative Company” (JEI), Poietis is a joint stock company created in september 2014. She obtained from the University of Bordeaux, the INSERM and the SATT Aquitaine Science Transferta worldwide exclusive license to patents linked with Laser-Assisted Bioprinting technology, while developping its own range of patents.

Poietis was awarded a Research Tax Credit (CIR) for 2015, 2016 and 2017 by the DGRI (French Directorate-General for Research and Innovation).