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3Deus Dynamics

Print the Impossible

Headquarters Bâtiment Axel’one Campus 5 avenue Gaston Berger Villeurbanne 69100 France
Categories: 3D Printers, Medical Devices, Service Bureau
Phone: +33 6 95 54 51 73


Created in October 2020, 3Deus Dynamics is a startup that aims to push the limits of 3D printing thanks to its additive manufacturing process in a granular environment called “Dynamic Molding”. This breakthrough innovation, hybrid between 3D printing and injection/molding, allows to process all injectable materials available on the market without chemical reformulation, without support structure and without geometry limit. In addition, by using a granular medium with specific properties, Dynamic Molding allows to manufacture composite materials and therefore to provide functional properties to the final object.

The technology used for this solution is called Dynamic Molding and according to 3Deus Dynamics could be considered a radical concept of Additive Manufacturing Deposition (AMD). Essentially, the process works by depositing fluid in a micro-doser which is immersed in a granular medium to form a dynamic mold to support the material during printing. The physical powder is able to support the 3D object during manufacturing, making it possible to avoid the collapse of the print, which often does happen for flexible materials. It is compatible with all silicone (medical grade) with a wide range of stiffness (0-90 Shore A).