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Head Of Laboratory: Vivax Bio

VIVAX BIO, LLC, based in New York, and its Moscow, Russia, R&D subsidiary, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, focus on 3D bioprinting and work on the whole range of the hardware, materials, technologies, and products comprising the 3D bioprinting industry. We strongly believe that at this stage of the industry development, the synergistic value of integrating the biological and the engineering sides of our business exceeds the potential advantages of specialization. Our product pipeline – from the earliest stages of R&D to commercial manufacturing – includes 3D bioprinters based on different technologies (consistently rated among the top bioprinters in the world) and various tissue and organ constructs. We had printed a murine thyroid gland construct and successfully implanted it into laboratory animals. The company continues working with human cells creating 3D bioprinted tissues and organoid models for drug discovery and disease modeling as a superior alternative to traditional 2D models. At the end of 2018, our proprietary 3D bioprinter, OrganAut, was launched into space on board the International Space Station and performed formative biofabrication of 3D tissue and organ constructs in microgravity, opening for us, among other things, the opportunity to further expand our business to science (B2S) services. In 2018, we started to adapt our existing technologies for cellular agriculture applications. Framework agreements have been signed with several leading startups in the field of clean meat and now we are to carry out several joint experiments using muscle cells of various species.