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Categories: Nonprofit Organizations
Headquarters Toronto Ontario Canada

Nia Technologies Inc. is a Canadian non-profit soc...

Categories: Simulation, Software
Headquarters United States
Categories: Service Bureau
Headquarters United States
Categories: Consulting, Medical Devices, Service Bureau
Headquarters Ground Floor 22 William Street Melbourne 3000 Australia

To become the world leader in the development of e...

Categories: Medical Devices, Wearables
Headquarters United States

Open Bionics is a prosthetics company developing a...

Categories: Service Bureau
Headquarters Albert Einstein 15 VITORIA-GASTEIZ ARABA/ÁLAVA 01510 Spain

Service bureau with ISO9001:2015 aproval and the I...

Categories: Bioprinting
Headquarters 6275 Nancy Ridge Drive San Diego CA 92121 United States

Organovo Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ: ONVO) is a biote...

Categories: Materials, Medical Devices, Prosthesis
Headquarters Virdings Allé 2 Uppsala SE 75450 Sweden

OssDsign is a Swedish medtech company dedicated to...

Categories: Medical Devices
Headquarters United States

Osseus is a pioneering medical device firm focused...

Categories: 3D Printers, Dental, Medical Devices
Headquarters 1 Swann Road PO Box 190 Indooroopilly Indooroopilly Australia QLD 4068 Australia

Oventus Medical set out to invent the O2Vent becau...

Categories: 3D Printers
Headquarters United States
Categories: 3D Printers, Bioprinting, Medical Devices
Headquarters United States

Founded in 2011 by academic entrepreneurs, Pandoru...

Categories: 3D Printers, Medical Devices, Software
Headquarters Brazil
Categories: Bioprinting, Pharma
Headquarters United States

Poietis develops and produces human, customized ti...

Categories: Bioprinting
Headquarters San Francisco CA United States

Prellis Biologics is building human tissues for dr...

Categories: Dental, Medical Devices, Prosthesis
Categories: 3D Printers, Bioprinting
Headquarters United States

Prodways Group is a specialist in industrial and p...

Categories: Consulting
Headquarters Pittsburgh P.A. United States

Reed Smith is a law firm, representing many compan...

Categories: 3D Printers
Headquarters Av. Innovación, 1 BIC Office 321, Armilla Granada Spain 18100 Spain

REGEMAT 3D is focused on the design, implementatio...