The Ultimate Resource Center for Healthcare 3D Printing (7/28/22 Version)

Many years ago, I first encountered 3D printing (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). I remember the 3D-printed anatomical models passed around during the presentation: one for presurgical planning for a complicated meningioma involving adjacent vital blood vessels, and the other for congenital heart disease with various visualization orientations created through creative modular design. That was the eureka moment when I understood that while radiologists sit at the interface of the digital world (CT, MRI, US data) and physical world, 3D printing and perhaps its extension like AR/VR, can provide the ultimate bridge to understand and create new realities for the medical industry. However, the ecosystem of healthcare 3D printing was not yet formalized, and I founded 3DHEALS to help me and others with the struggles of early adaptors. This blog post serves as a resource center to organize all the past knowledge industrial experts and 3DHEALS have collected and shared. They include our way of dissecting the concept of “healthcare 3D printing”, basic concepts that most of you will need to know, and how to dive deeper into this fascinating world that we all grow to love. We will keep updating this Healthcare 3D Printing Resource Center page as they come in. Please feel free to send your request on what needs to be included to: