The Lattice: June 10, 2019

Jun 10, 2019

About the Lattice above: Professors Felix Raspall and Carlos Bañón from SUTD Singapore have designed a 14.5-meter-long fibrous mesh made out of metal and nylon 3D printed nodes and aluminum bars for the SUTD Open House 2016.

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The Expert Corner

3D Scanning and 3D Printing for Creating Affordable Prostheses

by Andrei Vakulenko

3D Scanning doesn’t always get the same level of attention as 3D printing, but over the past two years the technology has matured to a point where it is just as useful in healthcare-focused digital manufacturing. Being able to produce a near-perfect 3D representation of a patient’s anatomy can prove invaluable for the development of prosthetics. Not only does 3D scanning provide the opportunity to produce a more lifelike and customized prosthetic device, but it can also improve device fitting, which can have important ramifications for the long-term success of a prosthesis. Read full article here.

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Influencer Interview

Richard McFarland, Chief Regulatory Officer, ARMI

by Jenny Chen, MD

3DHEALS founder Jenny Chen sits down with Dr. McFarland from the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) to talk bio-fabrication, regenerative medicine, and the regulatory landscape. Read the full interview here.

Hot in Press

Recent news stories and shares.

💉🐷 New research out of Japan shows that bioprinted vascular grafts can survive for long durations when implanted in animals, an important milestone for the eventual development of bioprinted, living tissue replacements. (Read the original paper here.)

🎭 sat down with Brazilian surgeon Rodrigo Salazar Gamarra to discuss his work with 3D printed facial prosthetics.

📊 New multi-physics models designed to more accurately predict bioprinter behavior are aiming to take the field to the next level of development.

🔬 Aspect Biosystems partnered with Merck, GSK, and McGill University to enable the development of immuno-oncology therapeutics. This project will leverage Aspect Biosystems’ microfluidic 3D bioprinting platform to develop highly physiological, high-throughput tissues for the accurate and predictive screening of immunotherapeutics targeting difficult-to-treat cancers such as triple negative breast cancer.

🩹 The NIH Director’s Blog this week features an article in Nature Medicineabout the development of biomimetic, 3D printed scaffolds for spinal cord repair.

🆕 It’s no secret that printing soft materials like organs and food is still a challenge for 3D printing. It’s possible, but generally requires lots of process management and/or a custom printing system. A new device out of UC Berkley could potentially alleviate many of the issues currently associated with printing soft tissues, organs, and food.

🧲 With a 3D printer and some magnets, Toronto researchers have made it easier than ever to assemble microbots.

Community Updates

Briefings and developments from 3DHEALS chapters around the world.

We don’t have any specific community updates this week, but check out some of our previous updates over at

Useful Stuff

Practical guides, tools, and reports from the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Take a look through the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s 2019 report on trends in regenerative medicine and therapeutics, with a focus on oncology.

With this week’s Expert Corner article focusing on 3D scanning, we thought it would be great to share some 3D scanning tutorials our editor Joe put together for the Sense 3D scanner back when he worked for industrial 3D printing company, 3D Systems.

Events & Opportunities

Upcoming events from the 3DHEALS community and beyond.

Thursday, 6/13 (Boston) – 3DHEALS community manager Jess Charlap will lead a group of Boston members through a fascinating tour at the Design Museum focused on the design and craft of prosthetics. Following the tour, the conversation will be continuing at a local brewery nearby.

Thursday, 7/11 (Los Angeles) – 3DHEALS is proud to present the entrepreneur section during the annual UCLA CMIT Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Medicine, Emerging Frontiers and Applications.

Thursday, 7/18 (Boston) – Come and join us at our annual summer networking event and learn from a world-class expert on cutting-edge technologies in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting industry.

Wednesday, 8/28 (Singapore) – 3DHEALS is returning to Singapore and co-hosting a recurrent event with NAMIC to connect local innovators and entrepreneurs in healthcare 3D Printing and Bioprinting space.

Check out lots of other upcoming events from our partners here:

Tuesday, 6/11 (San Francisco) Prellis Biologics holds their monthly tissue engineering journal club at IndieBio, looking at cutting edge research and pre-published research in the field and discussing the pressing issues and hurdles around this bioengineering revolution. To join the journal club mailing list, suggest a topic, or sign up to present please email [email protected] subject line: Journal Club.

Tuesday-Thursday, 6/11-13 (New York) All corners of the medtech world converge at the Javits Center for the MD&M East expo. As always, it promises to be a great opportunity to check out up-and-coming technologies and connect with others working in the field.

Thursday, 6/20 (St. Louis) Join Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, a Stratasys 3D Printing Center of Excellence in St. Louis, Missouri, for an open house on Thursday, June 20, 2019 from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Tuesday, 6/25 (San Francisco) Last but not least from IndieBio is their startup accelerator demo day showcasing the latest class of emerging biotech and entrepreneurial talent.

Wednesday-Thursday, 6/19-6/20 (New Hampshire)  June 19th and 20th, ARMI | BioFabUSA will hold its annual Spring Summit at the Technology Center Auditorium in Manchester, NH. More specifically, the event will cover technical developments and innovation in the various phases of the engineered tissue manufacturing process. Log onto 3DHEALS website to see member’s discount code. 

Friday-Saturday 7/19-7/20 (Boston)  New Harvest Conference. Explore the opportunities, challenges, and realities of cellular agriculture at New Harvest’s fourth annual conference. Log onto 3DHEALS website to see member’s discount code. 

Know about cool healthcare 3D printing/bioprinting events, people, or companies in your city? Let us know: [email protected]

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