The Lattice #61: Healthcare 3D Printing Newsletter

blank blank Sep 15, 2020

About the Lattice this week:  We found some amazing 3D printed ceramics photos and videos on Instagram by @sliprabbitstudiothis week, beautiful lattice but ceramics is also a biocompatible material that could have huge impact in the future of healthcare 3D Printing

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Research team pairs 3D bioprinting and computer modeling to examine cancer spread in blood vessels August 26th, 2020 @Livermore_Lab

3D Printed Implant Device Stimulates Nerves in Bird Brain for Possible Treatment of Human Diseases September 1st, 2020 @solidworks @GlaxoSmithKline @uoregon

Spanish bioprinting company REGEMAT 3D is now present in 28 countries September 7th, 2020 @REGEMAT3D

A vision for better prototyping: Nidek boosts clinical trials, cuts time-to-market with 3D printing September 7th, 2020 @Stratasys @o3dprinting #NidekTechnologies

3D printing in congenital cardiology September 7th, 2020 @3D_prints_news #CHD

Artificial intelligence in health care: preparing for the fifth Industrial Revolution September 7th, 2020 #AI #machinelearning #healthcare

LightForce Orthodontics, pioneer of 3D printed braces, raises $14MSeptember 9th, 2020 @wearelightforce

Kumovis appoints medtech leader Vincent Gardès as chairman September 10th, 2020 @Kumovis

Mixed reality technology allows Brisbane surgeon to operate with the help of holograms September 10th, 2020 @Hologram

3D Printed Porous Magnesium Scaffolds Show Potential As Bone-Substituting Material September 11th, 2020 @Ricoh3D


Fog-Free Mask Hack Solves Mask Versus Glasses Conundrum With Superb Seal : The Badger Seal from the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering is free to copy during the COVID-19 pandemic, even commercially. It works by running an elastic cord below the jaw and a formable wire over the nose to encourage contact all around both mouth and nose. September 2nd, 2020 #BadgerSeal

SINTERIT 3D Printing Offers Manufacturers Flexibility In The Post-Covid-19 World :Polish 3D printer manufacturer Sinterit, the new business landscape will require flexibility rather than outright change from 3D printing companies. September 7th, 2020 @Sinterit

 3D Printed DIY Germ Erasers Hack COVID-19 : A 3D printed portable sanitization device using UV light. September 8th, 2020 @fastradius

These 3D printed nasal swabs self-adjust for comfort: A team from the School of Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton has taken the medical devices to the next level. In short, it has developed a 3D printed smart swab that can self-adjust to make the awkward swabbing process more comfortable for the patient.September 8th,2020@Formlabs 

Print Parts collaborates with PostProcess on NYC COVID contract : Manhattan-based Additive Manufacturing service, Print Parts Inc., collaborated with PostProcess Technologies to rapidly scale efforts used in the production of 3D printed nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs for New York City’s COVID-19 Test Kits. September 9th, 2020 @PrintParts @postprotech

A digital manufacturer looks at what’s next after COVID-19 : Protolabs, an ecommerce-based provider of such manufacturing services as 3D printing, finds that its digital-first approach to product manufacturing and order-processing suits a time of changing market demand, CEO Vicki Holt says. In recent months it has taken on such projects as making ventilator masks out of snorkel materials.  September 11th, 2020 @Protolabs


3D printed nasal swabs September 10th, 2020 #3DMEDiTech @unimelb


Insights for Billing using Category III CPT Codes for Hospital-Based 3D PrintingSeptember 2nd, 2020 @RSNA


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