The Lattice 90: Healthcare 3D Printing Newsletter

About the Lattice this week:  We shared the news behind this bioprinted liver-like structure in The Lattice Issue 87 a few weeks ago. Researchers at the University of Buffalo developed a 3D printing method that is 10-50 times faster than existing techniques using hydrogels. In the photo, the researchers used the technique to 3D printing a liver model with internal vascular structures.  “Our method allows for the rapid printing of centimeter-sized hydrogel models. It significantly reduces part deformation and cellular injuries caused by the prolonged exposure to the environmental stresses you commonly see in conventional 3D-printing methods,” says the study’s other co-lead author, Chi Zhou, associate professor of industrial and systems engineering.⠀Researchers say the method is particularly suitable for printing cells with embedded blood vessel networks, a nascent technology expected to be a central part of the production of 3D-printed human tissue and organs.

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Life’s rich pattern: Researchers use sound to shape the future of printing [read more at Advanced Materials Technologies] March 5th, 2021  @UniofBath @BristolUni

BIO X6 wins prestigious Red Dot Design Award for outstanding design quality March 23rd, 2021 @CELLINK3D

Current and Future Applications of 3D Printing in Breast Cancer Management [read more at 3D printing in Medicine journal] March 29th, 2021 @Stratasys

Scientists develop new ultra-precise single-cell resolution 3D Bioprinting technique [read more at Advanced Functional Materials] March 30th, 2021 #MunichUniversityOfAppliedSciences

3D Printing and the Future of Agile, Personalized Healthcare March 31st, 2021 @B9Creations

The Engineering Edge review: 3D printing meat and medicine in space March 31st, 2021 #TheEngineeringEdge @DesignSparkRS

INKplant project targets use of AM in regenerative medicine to address aging of European population April 1st, 2021 @PROFACTOR

Luxinergy Using Biocompatible Resin & In-Vision’s HELIOS Light Engine to 3D Print Orthotics April 2nd, 2021 #Luxinergy #In-vision




A 3D printed I/O trainer – moulding simulated soft tissue (see Part 2) March 31st, 2021 @SteveHarveyYoutube

Custom Medical 3d Printing! Ventilator/CPAP nose support (see Part 2) March 29th, 2021 

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