The Lattice #7: July 8th, 2019

About the Lattice above: This week’s lattice comes from additive manufacturing software startup nTopology, the makers of Platform – a software designed to easily produce functional, complex, and printable lattice structures.

The Lattice is 3DHEALS weekly recap of the latest developments, expert insights, upcoming events in the world of healthcare 3D printing.  

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The Expert Corner

Road to Reimbursements for 3D Printed Anatomical Models and Surgical Guides โ€“ Decoding the CPT Codes

by Jenny Chen, M.D.

Rarely do medical innovations succeed without being able to reference an existing CPT code or create a new one. What exactly a CPT code is, and how it is integrated into the larger system of clincial care, however, is often difficult to understand.  In this Expert Corner article, 3D HEALS founder Jenny Chen, sheds some light on this topic that is so crucial for success in medical 3D printing.
Read the full article here.

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Hot in Press

Recent news stories and shares.

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๐Ÿ›  Mayo Clinic Researchers 3D Printing Models & Surgical Guides for Chest Wall Reconstructive Surgery

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Useful Stuff

Practical guides, tools, and reports from the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

How 3-D Printing Could Help Shape Surgery

Using MRI data to 3D print a skull

A tutorial on how to prepare medical imaging data for 3D printing using free software tool 3D Slicer

A video tutorial series on the basics of the MeshLab 3D editing software

Community Updates

Briefings and developments from 3DHEALS chapters around the world.

San Franciscoย (Manager:ย Jenny Chen, M.D.)
The American Medical Association (AMA) has approved four new CPT category III codes that will be available for use effective July 1: Codes 0559T and 0560T are geared toward reimbursement for the production of individually prepared 3D-printed anatomical models that can be made up of one or more components with unique colors and materials. Codes 0561T and 0562T cover the production of personalized 3D-printed cutting or drilling tools using patient imaging data. The 3D-printed surgical tools are single-piece instruments often used to guide or facilitate surgery

Event Opportunities

Upcoming events from the 3DHEALS community and beyond.

Thursday, 7/11 (Los Angeles) – 3DHEALS is proud to present the entrepreneur section during the annual UCLA CMIT Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Medicine, Emerging Frontiers and Applications.

Thursday, 7/18 (Boston) – Come and join us at our annual summer networking event and learn from a world-class expert on cutting-edge technologies in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting industry.

Monday, 7/29 (Munich) – The Munich chapter of 3DHEALS hosts their next happy hour for members and other local healthcare 3D printing enthusiasts.

Wednesday, 8/28 (Singapore) – 3DHEALS is returning to Singapore and co-hosting a recurrent event with NAMIC to connect local innovators and entrepreneurs in healthcare 3D Printing and Bioprinting space.

Thursday, 9/23 (San Francisco) – 3DHEALS hosts a group of experts from medicine/surgery, regenerative medicine, and entrepreneurs shares their works and insights on how 3D printing and bioprinting is revolutionizing cardiac care.

Check out lots of other upcoming events from our partners here:

TODAY, 7/9 (New York) Biotech incubator Harlem Biospace hosts a workshop about “what every startup should know”. Topics covered will include securing IP, finding space, and getting funding.

Wednesday, 7/10 (New York) NYC’s Health Tech Connect meetup group teams up with the Mount Sinai Innovators Group for a discussion about current challenges and opportunities in healthcare technology, including a talk from our own Lattice editor Joe Borrello on applications of 3D printing in clinical medicine.

Thursday, 7/11 (New York) Nanotechnology interest group Nanotech NYC hosts their next social at Houston Hall.

Friday-Saturday 7/19-7/20 (Boston)  New Harvest Conference. Explore the opportunities, challenges, and realities of cellular agriculture at New Harvestโ€™s fourth annual conference. Log onto 3DHEALS website to see member’s discount code. 

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