The Lattice #67: Healthcare 3D Printing Newsletter

blank blank Oct 27, 2020

The Lattice is 3DHEALS weekly recap of the latest news, publications, events in the world of healthcare 3D printing, and 3D Bioprinting.  Have a cool 3D printed Lattice photo to share with us? Tag us @3dheals on Instagram or Twitter

About the Lattice this week: Another lucky discover off our Instagram account, a beautiful photo of #3dbioprinted lattice by @3DBioprintingSolutions, in their own words: Our space experiment with @alephfarms The astronauts used a 3D bioprinter developed by Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions to coax bovine cells shipped from Earth into forming muscle tissue. In other words, they “grew” a tiny piece of beef in microgravity.

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Cancer Patient Survives Thanks To Groundbreaking 3D-Printed Rib Cage From The Geniuses At CSIRO October 17th, 2020 @anatomics @CSIRO @AdditiveAlex 

3D-Printed Pharmaceuticals Pave the Way for Customizable Drug Therapies October 21st, 2020 @CyclePharma @Aprecia3DP @HP

How 3D printing is helping breast cancer patients October 21st, 2020 @MDAndersonNews

Unravelling the concept of 3D printing: knowing your rights in India October 21st, 2020 @IAM_magazine

Miniature tumors can be grown on P3D scaffolds for cancer research October 21st, 2020 @Particle3D

Bioprinting in Microgravity: Where Do We Stand? October 22nd, 2020 @TechshotInc @nScryptInc @Allevi3D @CELLINK3D 

3D printed personalised neckbrace could improve posture, breathing and thousands of lives October 22nd, 2020 @DesignMuseum @Artec3DScanners @Stratasys

Sequoyah student uses 3D printing to create prosthetic limbs October 24th, 2020 @Enablethefuture


The CAR3D project team has designed a new ear hook to reduce the discomfort of wearing a mask : The CAR3D Project team has recently created a new ear hook to hold the masks and be able to protect ears during use. This product is better suited to current needs and is based on a detailed research which mainly identifies the discomfort caused by the rubbers of masks after a workday. October 21st, 2020 @CAR3D_Project

Scientists 3D-Printed a Human Immune System to Battle Covid-19 : In the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, maker communities around the globe utilised their 3D printers to assist overwhelmed hospitals and healthcare workers with PPE supplies. In labs, tissue engineers printed human-like tissues to examine the effects of this virus. October 22nd, 2020 @Prellisbio @melanie_matheu 

Windform 3D printed visor frame for Made in Italy protective face shields : Tecnoguarnizioni s.a.s (Soliera, Modena, Italy) for over 40 years has been producing industrial flat gaskets of all sizes based on the customer’s design. In this period of major global crisis and health emergency, it is actively contributing to the fight against Covid-19 by creating new personal protective equipment (PPE). October 24th, 2020 @CRP_Group #Safe4U


2ND Australian Bioprinting Workshop (Complete playlist here)

Dr. Vladimir Mironov – Chief Scientific Officer, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, Moscow, Russia

3D Universe Untethered – Episode 03: The e-NABLE Volunteer Community October 10th, 2020 @Enablethefuture

3D printing in the fight against COVID-19 in UkraineOctober 21st, 2020 @UNICEF_UA

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