The Lattice #66: Healthcare 3D Printing Newsletter

blank blank Oct 21, 2020

The Lattice is 3DHEALS weekly recap of the latest news, publications, events in the world of healthcare 3D printing, and 3D Bioprinting.  Have a cool 3D printed Lattice photo to share with us? Tag us @3dheals on Instagram or Twitter

About the Lattice this week: We found this beautiful lattice off Instagram by named “Impossible microfluidics”, by Greg Cooksey and Albert Folch. rom the publication “A multi-purpose microfluidic perfusion system with combinatorial choice of inputs, mixtures, gradient patterns, and flow rates”, G. A. Cooksey, C. G. Sip, and A. Folch, Lab Chip 9: 417 (2009).

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healthcare 3d printing in the press

3D Systems Granted 510(K) FDA Clearance To 3d Print Surgical Guides With Two New Materials October 2nd, 2020 @3dsystems 

4WEB Medical Announces Launch of Stand-Alone Anterior Lumbar Spine Truss System October 6th, 2020 #4WEB

FDA Confirms 510(K) Eligibility for Biotech Company A.D.A.M. – 3D Printed Bones Are to Become a Reality in Less Than 2 Years October 8th, 2020 @ADAM_project3D

PrinterPrezz Receives 510(K) Clearance For New Family Of 3D Printed Spine Devices October 13th, 2020 @PrinterPrezz

How 3D Printing Enabled a Life-Saving Surgery on a Complex Spinal Sarcoma October 13th, 2020 @formlabs

How to Start and Scale up a Point-of-Care 3D Printing Lab   October 14th, 2020 @MaterialiseNV

First 3D Printed Non-Screw Based Cervical Stand-Alone Cage October 15th, 2020 #GenesysSpine

REGEMAT 3D beats crowdfunding target in 7 days October 16th, 2020 @REGEMAT3D @Crowdcube

healthcare 3d printing newsletter covid update

Medical 3D Printing—and How Is it Regulated? As health providers find new ways to apply manufacturing technology, FDA oversight must evolve : Using 3D printing to manufacture a range of medical products could help address these shortages. However, although this emerging technology can be an important stopgap in meeting pressing needs, policymakers will need to consider the potential risks and benefits associated with its use and carefully assess how it can be deployed in future emergencies. October 10th, 2020

3D Printing for Preppers: Ultimaker on Emergency 3D Printing : It is without a doubt, that the pandemic highlighted the superiority of 3D printing technology for emergency manufacturing. October 14th, 2020 @Ultimaker 

Digitalising our world beyond COVID-19 : In a year of global disruption, many businesses and nations have struggled to keep up with the pace of change set by the coronavirus pandemic. October 15th, 2020 @create_digital_ @Titomic_Limited @fleetspace

Joining the fight against COVID-19 : HP Canada partners with federal government to 3D print face shields for frontline workers. October 16th, 2020 @HPCanada

healthcare 3D technology newsletter interesting videos

Single-shot Deep Volumetric Regression for Mobile Medical Augmented RealityOctober 4th, 2020 #MICCAIclipworkshop

How to Use 3D Printing in Product Development for Medical DevicesOctober 13th, 2020 @3DegreesCompany

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