The Lattice #65: Healthcare 3D Printing Newsletter

blank blank Oct 14, 2020

The Lattice is 3DHEALS weekly recap of the latest news, publications, events in the world of healthcare 3D printing, and 3D Bioprinting.  Have a cool 3D printed Lattice photo to share with us? Tag us @3dheals on Instagram or Twitter

About the Lattice this week: 3D bioprinted squid made completely with vegetable protein by @3dbioprintingsolutions and @twinsgardenmoscow

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DOSSIER: Artificial Intelligence & Additive Manufacturing, where are we? September 25th, 2020 @AMFG_ai @ai_build @AdditiveFlow

Does 3D Printing Actually Reduce Healthcare Costs? October 5th, 2020 

Braskem Launches e-NABLE Chapter for the Philanthropic Creation of 3D Printed Prosthetic Devices October 7th, 2020 @BraskemBio @Enablethefuture

More on “depowdering” for medical 3D printed parts October 7th, 2020 #solukon  

3D printing and titanium powder – a life-changing combination October 8th, 2020 @SandvikGroup

Researchers 3D print unique micro-scale fluid channels used for medical testing October 9th, 2020 @UMNresearch @aerotechmotion

ArchForm launches aligner production offering powered by DLP 3D printing October 9th, 2020 @formlabs @SprintRay @archformco #ZenduraAligners


 Rapid point-of-care COVID-19 test availability moves closer : A new rapid point-of-care COVID-19 test is a step closer to being available for use as it moves into official evaluation and validation following months of development. The grant of £115,341 from Welsh Government’s Covid Response, Research, Development and Innovation Solutions fund will enable the University to validate the test device and kits, in collaboration with manufacturing partners, Public Health Wales and NHS Wales. October 5th, 2020 # LlusernScientific

Army Leads DOD Effort to Produce 3D-Printed Swabs : The Army Medical Research and Development Command assembled a team of experts to help Defense Department additive manufacturers produce and procure medical materiel in response to equipment shortages in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis. October 6th, 2020 # USAMMDA

3 New Open Source Tools To Aid In Battling COVID-19 : The advancing 3D printing technology enables the replication of medical-grade devices at lower-costs and allows for open-source implementation. October 8th, 2020 

FDA Updates FAQS For 3D Printed Nasal Swabs And Other Covid-19 Testing Devices : The Administration ultimately intends to decline reviews of emergency use authorization (EUA) requests when it comes to laboratory developed tests (LDTs). The announcement comes following a release by the US Department of Health and Human Services stating that novel LDTs would not be subjected to premarket review with a letter to healthcare providers regarding self-collection of nasal samples for SARS-CoV-2 testing. October 9th, 2020 

Sunderland schoolboy named in Queen’s Birthday Honours List for helping key workers during pandemic : A schoolboy has been named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List after dedicating hundreds of hours to making more than 1,000 protective visors for frontline workers. October 9th, 2020 


How Mike overcame the loss of his leg October 8th, 2020 @SandvikGroup

3D printing microfluidic channels on a sphere October 9th, 2020 @UMNresearch @aerotechmotion

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