The Lattice #62: Healthcare 3D Printing Newsletter

blank blank Sep 22, 2020

The Lattice is 3DHEALS weekly recap of the latest developments, expert insights, academic publications, upcoming events in the world of healthcare 3D printing, and 3D Bioprinting.  Have a cool 3D printed Lattice photo to share with us? Tag us @3dheals on Instagram or Twitter

About the Lattice this week:  We found this 3D printed anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) spinal cage photo on Instagram by @ntopology. This spinal implant that is used to help merge two adjacent vertebral bodies. “3D printed Gyroid infill lattice can be used to make metal 3D printed implants much lighter, but still strong enough to withstand spinal compression while porous enough to accept osteoplasts.”

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How 3D Printing Helps Save Patients With Aortic Aneurysms September 3rd, 2020 @formlabs

LightForce Orthodontics Raises $14M for Custom 3D Printed Braces September 9th, 2020 @wearelightforce

Mixed reality technology allows Brisbane surgeon to operate with the help of holograms September 10th, 2020 @Hologram

Sartori adopts SLM Solutions metal 3D printing technology for medical device production September 10th, 2020 @SLMSolutions_NA #Sartori

Osteopore looks to expand its range of 3D-printed bioresorbable implants September 15th, 2020 @ostepore

Formlabs launches large-format dental 3D printer and starts shipping Form 3L September 15th, 2020 @formlabs #form3BL

Sandvik achieves ISO 13485:2016 medical certification for its titanium powder plantSeptember 15th, 2020 @SandvikGroup

‘Tremendous potential’ held by 3D printing in personalised surgery September 17th, 2020 @3dsystems

Henkel and Keystone collaborate for 3D printing solutions in the dental industry September 17th, 2020 @Henkel @KeystoneInd


Siemens adopts Mitsui Chemicals’ coating agent on the 3D-printed frame of a new medical-grade face shield: By coating the frames with Mitsui Chemicals’ UNISTOLE™ polyolefin-based liquid adhesive, engineers have been able to achieve good adhesion with the frame material, a flatter surface to prevent virus and bacteria residue, resistance to alcohol that can be used for sterilization to facilitate face shield reuse, scratch resistance, improved elasticity, crack resistance and sterilization by way of low-dose UV resistance. September 14th, 2020 @Siemens

FDA Guidance Fails to Ensure Security of 3D-Printed Masks and PPE : FDA guidelines for making 3D-printed masks, face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) in the COVID-19 era fail to defend against cyberattacks, according to Rutgers and Georgia Tech engineers. See White paper here .September 16th, 2020 @RutgersNB

Fundamental VR is Challenging Traditional Medical Training in the Age of COVID: Virtual Reality enables surgical training for medical trainees and professionals from home. September 16th, 2020 @FundamentalVr

Growth in the Adoption of 3D Printing Technology After COVID-19 Isn’t A Coincidence:How additive manufacturing is helping meet demand and supply balance? September 18th, 2020 @makerbot @Formlabs 

Copper-coated masks being developed to fight COVID-19 : Researchers from Indiana University’s School of Engineering and Technology are attempting to incorporate copper, a metal with antimicrobial properties, into the design of face masks used in the fight against COVID-19. September 18th, 2020 @IndianaUniv


The Flight simulator for surgeons May 5th, 2020 @FundamentalVr


Multi-Materials 3D Printing with Laser Inversion July 27th, 2020 @Columbia


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