The Lattice #52: July 16th, 2020

blank blank Jul 16, 2020

The Lattice is 3DHEALS weekly recap of the latest developments, expert insights, academic publications, upcoming events in the world of healthcare 3D printing and biofabrication.  Have a cool 3D printed Lattice photo to share with us? Share @3dheals on Instagram or Twitter

About the Lattice this week: From a recent publication in Physics World on #4DPrinting. A lattice structure, originally printed flat, has morphed into the outline of a human face after changing the surrounding temperature. Perspective view (left), top view (middle), and side view (right) of transformed lattice, approximately 160 mm tall. CREDIT: Lori K. Sanders

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Interview with Kumovis: “We Expect Our 3D Printing System… in Many Hospitals in a Few Years” July 9th, 2020 @Kumovis_3DP @3DPrint_com  

HEXR And EOS Set To Scale Up Bespoke Cycling Helmet Production Via AR App July 10th, 2020 @3dprintingindustry @EOSGmbH @hexrhelmets

Realize Medical and Logitech collaborate to provide medical professionals and educators with cutting-edge virtual reality medical modeling platform July 9th, 2020 @RealizeMedical @Logitech

London hospital starts virtual ward rounds for medical students July 5th, 2020 #microsoftHoloLens @imperialcollege

Reno neurosurgeon first in country to use virtual reality in spine surgery July 10th, 2020 @augmedics @SpineNevada


[COVID-19 Supply 3D models] NIH 3D print Exchange Updated July 11th, 2020 @NIH 

JCRMRG’s 3D Health Hackathon Aims for Sustainable 3D Printed PPEJuly 11th,2020@3DPrint_com @jcrmrg

Commerce Funds Manufacturing USA Pandemic Response Projects July 7th, 2020 @AmericaMakes

3D Printing Lessons Learned from COVID-19 (And How They Will Change Manufacturing’s Future) July 7th, 2020 @IndustryWeek


360° Video: Resuscitation of a COVID-19 Patient w/ Respiratory Failure Best Practices Demonstration May 4th, 2020 @AnnenbergPenn


How to Design and 3D Print Bite Splints | Digital Dental Workflow July 2nd, 2020 @Proto3000


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