The Lattice: 3D Bioprinting Healthcare 3D Printing Newsletter Issue #60

blank blank Sep 08, 2020

About the Lattice this week: We found this interesting looking lattice structure from our Instagram feed a few days ago. This “creature-like” structure can be anything we know, either a cellular structure or a deep-sea organism. But this is simply another brilliant biodesign from @javier_ruiz_biome using a parametric CAD design program.

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OSF HealthCare Asks: Could VR Replace Traditional Classroom Learning? August 6th, 2020 @enduvo @UICOMP

C-FREX exoskeleton depends on CFRP for unpowered movementAugust 24th, 2020 @Markforged

3D Printing’s time has come – so IP protection is crucial August 26th, 2020 @Mills&ReeveCambridge

MakerBot Melds 3D Printing and Remote WorkAugust 27st, 2020 @MakerBot #Cloudprinting

Point-of-care additive manufacturing of implants is about to get real August 28th, 2020   @EOS @MayoClinic

This young entrepreneur skipped college to create robotic limbs that users can control with their minds August 31st, 2020 @UnlimitedTmro

3D Printed Implant Device Stimulates Nerves in Bird Brain for Possible Treatment of Human Diseases September 1st, 2020 @solidworks @GlaxoSmithKline @uoregon

Topology Optimization for Compliant Medical DevicesSeptember 1st, 2020 @nTopology

Fabrx Printlets Designed With Braille-Patterned Surface To Aid Visually Impaired September 1st, 2020 @IBECBarcelona @Fabrx @M3dimaker

Ricoh 3D printing secures medical certification September 1st, 2020 @Ricoh3D

Purdue Engineering receives Department of Energy funding to speed up adoption of 3D-printed microreactors September 2nd, 2020 @LifeAtPurdue

Spanish-Led Research Team Develops 3D Printed T-Cell Boosting Hydrogel For Cancer Patients September 2nd, 2020 @IBECBarcelona

Where Are 3D-Printed Casts? September 3rd, 2020 @3DSystems @Exovite @Xkelet @TriMed @CastPrint 

AI allows real-time 3D printing quality assessment September 3rd, 2020 @

Dental 3D printing: “We use it for pretty much every product in the lab” September 4th, 2020 @3DSystems

Aspect Biosystems launches bioprinting grant program September 4th, 2020 @aspectbiosys


Coronavirus: The students that are printing PPE masks in Tunisia (VIDEO) : Engineering student from Tunisia utilising 3D printing to develop masks in minutes. August 26th, 2020 

EOS and Dunlee joined forces to ramp up anti-scatter grid production in response to the novel coronavirus : An 3D printed anti-scatter grid for enhancing CT imaging.  August 31st, 2020 @EOS @dunlee

Portable, point-of-care COVID-19 test could bypass lab: Illinois researchers developed a microfluidic cartridge for a 30-minute COVID-19 test. The cartridges are 3D-printed and could be manufactured quickly.September 1st,2020 

Six 3D Printed COVID Face Masks Don’t Stand up to Scrutiny :A study on the feasibility and efficacy of 3D printed face masks. September 3rd, 2020 @Ultimaker @Autodesk

Refugees and scientists develop sustainable PPE to combat Covid-19 : A group of artists and scientists has teamed up with the UNHCR and Syrian refugees to develop new hand hygiene products and design and produce reusable masks, shields and gowns to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Jordan. September 5th, 2020 @UNHCR

Portable smartphone COVID-19 test delivers results in under 40 minutes : New portable COVID-19 tests deliver results quickly and can make testing more accessible. September 5th, 2020 @fastradius


C-FREX:Innovation of gait orthosis for persons with spinal cord injury July, 2020 #UchidaT @Markforged

3D Printed Aortic Root Model August 14th, 2020 @UMNews

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