The Lattice #17, November 4th, 2019

About the Lattice above: Organic shape via #GenerativeDesign and #3DPrinting by @jujubebe17. Just a “Blob”, but the more profound question is can we design nature? 

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Expert Corner

Generative Design and 3D Printing

–And its relationship to healthcare 3D Printing and Biofabrication

by Jenny Chen, M.D.

What is a generative design system? And why is it often associated with 3D printing? Why is it a revolutionary new design tool and concept? And What will it do for the field of healthcare 3D printing and biofabrication, and moving forward, humanity as a whole? This article is an introduction to the subject.

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Social Media

Recent news stories and shares.

Interview: FabRx is on a Quest to Create 3D Printed Customized Drugs

Bioprinting Living Cells Extremely Fast and at Very High Resolution in a 3D Printer -Using two-photon polymerization technique

Antibiotic-laced Bandages, Knee Cartilage, Surgical Tools Successfully 3D Printed in Desert Deployment Zone

Rensselaer researchers bioprint living skin tissue with blood vessels-Solving the first step of vascularization. Could CRISPR help with the clinical transplantation stage?

DSM and Twikit partner to develop new 3D printing applications in automotive, medical and apparel markets 

FDA clears Stryker’s Sahara expandable interbody implant – the power of topology optimization with metal 3D printing.

3D-Printed Cell Traps Help Isolate Elusive Cancer Cells -Another potentially powerful method for early peripheral blood cancer/metastasis detection.

Living skin can now be 3D-printed with blood vessels included

Wyss Institute will Help Combat Viral Threats with 3D Printed Organ-on-a-Chips

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Events & Opportunities

Upcoming events from the 3DHEALS community and beyond.

Thursday, 11/1 (Palo Alto)Join us for our first ever 3DHEALS happy hour at iconic South Bay favorite Antonio’s Nut House, right around the corner from Stanford, and with a list of patrons that reads like a who’s-who of technology innovators. Grab a drink and hang out with our sponsors Indicate Technologies and Rokit Healthcare, who will demo their 3D bioprinters, 3D scanners, and more.

Check out some of our partners’ upcoming event below, and lots of other upcoming events here:

Wednesday, 11/6 (San Francisco)  Look out for an announcement for Tissue Engineering Journal Club hosted by Prellis Biologics

Thursday, 11/7 (Irvine, CA) 3DP4ME, a non-profit focused on providing access to 3D-printed ear molds for hearing aids to refugees and low-income clients, is holding their second annual fundraiser at the Cove in UC Irvine’s Beall Applied Innovation Facility. The celebration will feature Dr. Brian Fligor, Harvard audiologist and 3DP4ME advisor, who will be giving a live demonstration of the new 3D Ear Scanner by Lantos Technologies.

Friday, 11/8 (Boston) The Boston Design Museum looks at 3D printing muscle at their November Design Museum Mornings event, featuring Dr. Indranil Sinha from Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 3DHEALS members can us promo code 3dheals50 for a 50% discount on registration.

Wednesday, 11/13 (Vancouver) The Victoria Hand Project and the Centre for Biomedical Research will host the November VILS meeting at UVic, where they will showcase the 3D printing capabilities at the University of Victoria.

Thursday & Friday, 11/14-15 (San Francisco)The Cultured Meat Symposium returns this November 14-15. Industry leaders in the traditional meat and cell-based meat sectors will come together for future-defining presentations, panels, and workshops. Use discount code 3DHEALS20 for 20% off General and VIP tickets!

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