Robin Huizing: The Power of 3D Printing Design and Education

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Robin Huizing, the founder of Addmio, a 3D printing education platform. During this fun conversation, Robin showed us the power of 3D printing design with a demo from his new idea of a personalized mouse. Our conversation expanded from there. 

Who is Robin Huizing

Robin is the founder of Addmio a 3D printing education platform. He recently also joined Oqton as its application engineer. In his own words, 

“During my study, I started my own design studio, sample. studio, and ran it for more than 10 years. I created corporate identities and websites, visuals for architectural firms, and hosted creative workshops at universities.

After my graduation, I started my career as a 3D Printing Engineer at Shapeways. I worked in every production team and with every in-house technology and in a few years I learned to work with FDM, SLA, DLP, MJP, and SLS. All plastic 3D printing technologies. In total I prepared, 3D printed, and post-processed 10.000+ parts.

Then I moved to Additive Industries to work as an Additive Manufacturing Designer. Here, I specialized in Design for AM and was also involved with production planning, application development, and a lot of local and on-site training. Here I gained valuable experience with metal 3D printing, LPBF.

In 2020 I combined everything I’ve learned and my passions for technology, education, and design and I Founded Addmio. To make 3D printing accessible through education. We’re working with a young and ambitious team to create online courses that are efficient, affordable, and accessible to everyone with a smartphone. We’ve made a great start in 2020 and are planning to grow and expand in 2021 so stay tuned. ”

Major Takeaways:

1. One of the best ways to learn 3D printing (including design for 3D printing) is to work for a 3D printing service bureau.

2. The reason behind founding Addmio is to filling a gap to teach people who are attracted to the technology how to use it and when to use it.

3. Robin live demonstrated a 3D printable design for a personalized mouse.

4. People need to pay more attention to 3D printing design. “A good design for additive manufacturing makes or breaks your business case. And so I think every company that produces parts, and a lot of different companies that don’t produce parts at all, can benefit from 3d printing. “

5. Major design concepts you need to learn for 3D printing.

6. Current and future status of 3D printing education in and outside of the classroom.

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