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May 01, 2018

Nanochon (Winner):

Presented by: Mr. Benjamin Holmes
Nanochon, LLC is developing and commercializing an implantable medical device (“IMD”).  This disruptive technology is targeted to treat knee injuries in younger and more active patients. Younger and more active patients are usually under 55 years old and need/want to return to work, sports, and other strenuous physical activities.  The present scope of treatment offered by orthopedic sports medicine surgeons who treat these patients have significant drawbacks and complications, either with effectiveness, invasiveness or cost. The IMD is based on 3D printing and a novel, nano-structured, synthetic material. Together, proprietary 3D designs and the material enable Nanochon to create an implant which effectively replicates true cartilage. The IMD works by replacing lost or damaged cartilage short term, while also initiating new tissue growth and healing long term. This provides two key benefits: (1) patients are able to have shorter, less involved and more successful recoveries and (2) have an effective treatment that has a longer lifespan. Nanochon’s IMP will provide an effective therapy for early and less invasive treatment of knee injuries. Based on the technology’s performance and the needs of the sports medicine market, there are a number of key value propositions to our business. Because the IMP can be implanted arthroscopically, procedures can be done in surgical centers. This means that treatment can (1) be a more attractive option for patients and (2) surgeons can do the procedure in their own outpatient facilities instead of hospitals.There are additional benefits to this approach. The raw material itself is relatively low cost and works with existing, scalable 3D printing technology. This means that the device unit cost is low and it will be profitable to reimburse purchase at a lower price ($2-3K vs $10k+) so treating cartilage injury will cost less per patient for payers. Finally, the recovery time for patients will be quicker than it is for graft and cadaver tissue treatments.


Presented by: Mr. Robert Joyce
FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers is a three-year-old biomaterials company located in Northwest Ohio. The company compounds PAPC – Polyamide, Polyolefin and Cellulose compositions for 3D Printing medical devices and implants. The company has identified significant value propositions from 3D Printing PAPC that are conducive to greater body acceptability, fewer complications, and faster patient recovery producing an improved quality of life outcomes. These PAPC compounds can be described as biocompatible, absorbable, nondegradable and radiopaque.


Presented by: Dr. Benjamin Laguna
At HoloSurg3D we help plan safer and more efficient surgeries using Augmented Reality. With HoloSurg3D’s Augmented Reality software app RadHA, we allow surgeons to view radiology images in a totally new way: projecting 3D radiology images onto a real-world background. This helps surgeons to better: 1. Educate patients about their surgeries 2. Understand complicated anatomy before surgery 3. “Roadmap” important structures prior to surgery, making surgery faster, safer, and more efficient. We provide not only the A.R. software to display medical images but an image processing service that allows users to upload their CT/MR data via the cloud and have this processed into custom-made, patient-specific 3D A.R. models to be displayed on our software. This extends the reach of our software from large hospitals to small community practices


Presented by: Dr. Mrunal Gawade
HOLOFIL is a 3D visualization device that aims to provide an affordable solution to small and medium scale industry to be able to transition into the world of 3D media from their existing dependency on the flat screen based 2D media. The applications in the healthcare field are plenty including the ability to visualize the 3D models before 3D printing them in more appealing ways to convey a message that the audience remembers. Using a combination of physical 3D printed objects combined with virtual 3D models, new interesting user experiences can be created in hybrid reality mode.
The interactive version of HOLOFIL provides an ability to interact with the 3D media remotely using a Bluetooth controller so that the audience can feel the 3D models by controlling the movements of the 3D media themselves including rotation, zoom, turning, etc. The applications include usage by doctors to explain to their patients some specific parts of the human anatomy in a more engaging and interactive way. The content itself can be obtained using existing techniques such as CT / MRI / Spectroscopy scan whose data is image sequence which can be combined to create 3D model representations using open source software and further tuned to fit into HOLOFIL. We believe having an affordable 3D visualizer is equally important than just the ability to 3D print the medical 3D models create a seamless user experience, and HOLOFIL can provide an engaging affordable and interactive way to achieve that aim.


Presented by: Mr. Michael Joyce
BioJet is a tissue engineering service provider. Taking advantage of numerous cutting-edge bio-fabrication technologies allows BioJet to consistently deliver novel and superior tissue models to its clients. Together, BioJet and its clients, are able to produce physiologically relevant tissue models from patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Quickly, and repeatedly, for a wide range of disease models that cannot be recapitulated in a petri dish, or an animal model system.

Frontier Bio:

Presented by: Mr. Eric Bennett
Frontier Bio sells an advanced bioprinter that combines conventional bioprinting techniques with electro-hydrodynamic printing. This allows the ability to print at micro and nano scales while maintaining very little to no cell death.


Presented by: Katie McKinley
Axial3D is a dynamic start-up specializing in automatically converting standardized 2D medical images to create accurate, meaningful 3D volumetric data, for use in a wide variety of medical 3D printing applications. Resulting in surgery that is faster for surgeons, cheaper for hospitals and safer for patients. They are creating a unique software category in this early stage market to automate every process in creating functional 3D models from 2D files using machine learning, eliminating costly human intervention. This will open the multibillion dollar medical 3D printing market to the masses.

Silou Elle:

Presented by: Dr. Katherine Stephenson
Silou Elle™ Transforming an often uncomfortable and time-consuming reality into a seamless personalized lingerie shopping experience. Personalized shape enhancement based on precise breast form measurement and implemented via bra fit solutions that support personal style, comfort, and femininity.