Weekly Newsletter April 8th, 2019

Metal 3D Printing in Dentistry – Restoration

Dr. Zsolt Pásztor

Metal 3D printing in dentistry

Based on the trends of the last few years, it can be stated that the digital revolution in dentistry has begun and seems to be irreversible. The question is no longer whether it should be introduced, but when, at what rate and to what extent. 

3D printing and more specifically metal 3D printing has a key role in this process. 

According to forecasts, the world of dentistry will be profoundly transformed by digital dentistry technologies. Experts agree that in the coming years, changes will be driven and impacted the most by 3D printing (additive manufacturing).

3D printing has made a spectacular entry and given a new impetus to the spreading of digital dentistry. Two areas can be mentioned, where the technology is already widely applied and its impact has been significant: 1) the manufacture of invisible orthodontic aligners and 2) metal restorations. This article gives an overview of the latter, based primarily upon the experience gained in Central-Eastern Europe.


Interview: Renata Vano, 3D Printing in Prosthodontics, Brazil

What is/are the biggest obstacle(s) in your line of work? If you have conquered them, what were your solutions?

“There wasn’t biocompatible materials to work with FFF 3D printers. I created my own and found a partner to help with regulation process.”


Interview: Rafael Vidal Peres, Founder of Aditiv and RealDent

What was/is the biggest risk you took in your career?

“Maybe I’m doing it now! I’m preparing myself for teaching about digital, after years working with high end quality dentures! The main problem is the result of Digital denture is not so good as a Handmade denture. But I think it’s because it’s just getting started. I believe that the materials and processes of the printers’ factories will evolve.  I’m introducing this technology to my students and to Brazilian Dental technicians… let’s see how it will be!”


3DHEALS Community Manager Spotlight: Kuwait

Dr. Ahmad Alali, currently works in the plastic surgery department, Babtain center of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Kuwait. He completed MSc in plastic and reconstructive surgery in University College London on 3D printing application in plastic surgery. Dr. Alali published several papers on this subject and attended conferences to promote 3D printing in healthcare. Furthermore, Dr. Alali is a board member in the international society of digital medicine and editorial board member in Journal of Digital Medicine. Read his interview with 3DHEALS. 

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