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Sep 08, 2022
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Metal 3D printing for medical devices is continually on the rise as physicians, technologists, and researchers are increasingly taking advantage of the technology’s boundless flexibility. 3D printed metal implants especially in orthopedics and craniomaxillofacial (CMF) space are some of the earliest devices gaining FDA clearance and wider manufacturing adoption. Biocompatibility of metal/metal alloy, advancement in metallurgy, innate design freedom, and mass customization option offered by 3D printing suggest potential future better implants that could result in greater surgical success and clinical outcome. As the industry progresses, newer or improved manufacturing processes promise a new generation of healthcare applications.

In this conference, we are fortunate to hear from a diverse panel of experts who will share with us their latest research & development, industry insights, and entrepreneurial activities. 

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Fabio Sanches Sant’Ana

Fabio Sant’Ana has Precision Mechanics degree and Business Administration Bachelor’s , born and raised in São Paulo he has 30 years experience in helping companies to aquire and take full advantage of 3d Machining and Additive Manufacturing Equipment . Entrepreneur and knowledge avid is member of stardarts organizations ASTM F42 Additive Manufacturing , ABNT CEE-261 Manufatura Aditiva e ABNT CB-26 Odonto-Médico-Hospitalar . CAD/CAM , Surface Modelling and EBM specialist he is passionate in connect people and companies to the right tools to accomplish the mission.

Kuntay Aktaş

I am passionate technology executive, leader and strategist. I am expert in additive manufacturing, medical 3D Printing, AM technology implementations and applications. I am co-founder of BTech Innovation, who spinned of 3 AM startups already including TrabTech (developing additive manufactured Implants) AddPark (industrial product development and Additive Manufacturing Centre) and Earfit ( customer in ear monitors). I have an engineering background and interested with Metal 3D Printing, new alloys, process development and Metal 3D Printing applications.

Adam Steege

Adam founded his first company, Agile EndoSurgery, in 2010 focused on the development of an enhanced dexterity laparoscopic surgical device. Through this experience, along with the development of several other medical devices currently on the market, Adam learned of both the promise and challenges of 3D printing in medtech, and founded Trio Labs to solve this gap. With over 80 pending and issued patents and 10 years of medical device development experience, he brings a unique perspective to the space of metal AM.

Ken Gall

Professor Gall’s expertise is in mechanical engineering design and materials science. His research has a particular emphasis on the creation, modification, understanding, and commercialization of synthetic biomaterials. He is/was a founder and director of multiple start-ups in the medical device space.


Tuan TranPham

Tuan TranPham is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at AZUL 3D, Inc, and prior to that he spend 19 years working for seven of the largest 3D printing companies, such as Z Corp, 3D Systems, Objet, Stratasys, Arcam (a GE company), Desktop Metal and AREVO.

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