IG Live Recording: 3D printing in dentistry W ChengXi Wang

We had some technical issues with the IG live session but fortunately, we are able to salvage pearls of wisdom from Satori3DP CEO ChengXi. Here is the recording of our fun, pragmatic, and inspiring conversation about the current and future status of #dental3Dprinting #startuplife , how to make it work with new technologies (hint: not always easy or straightforward), and the importance of good customer service. As usual, there was also a live demo of fascinating 3D printed designs. 

About our guest ChengXi Wang and Satori: 

Graduated with an MBA from the University of Oxford and certified as CFA, Chengxi is an interdisciplinary entrepreneur who develops technology products with a human-centered approach. She is leading the London-based Satori team to challenge the status quo by making high-quality professional 3D printing affordable, and push the boundary of our imagination with thoughtful 3D printed products. 

The new release of the Satori ST1600 3D printer focuses on solving the pain points in dentistry. It can be afforded by the dental clinics to fabricate clear aligners (the same technology used in Invisalign), surgical drill guides, orthodontic models, and other dental solutions. Dentists and patients don’t need to wait for weeks to get their work done by dental labs and can potentially get their aligners 3D printed under an hour at a production cost less than £5. In the face of supply chain disruption catalyzed by COVID and Brexit, Satori’s affordable and user-friendly professional 3D printers can adapt to the work from home environment and bring remote manufacturing localized, which empowers businesses to gain control over uncertainty and transform their performance with efficiency.