IG Interview Recording: Medical 3D Printing with Rhino3D

In this episode, we chatted with Dr. Zsuzsanna Puspokis about how she co-founded Rhino3DMedical, a medical 3D printing-focused software based on Rhino 3D. Zsusanna demonstrated a few surgical examples in this interview.

About our guest:

Dr. Zsuzsanna Puspokis

Zsuzsanna received her PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) in 2016, where she completed her thesis at the internationally renowned Biomedical Imaging Group (BIG) headed by Prof. Unser.

Following her doctoral studies in Biomedical Imaging and before starting her own company, Zsuzsanna worked for a year at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV, Switzerland) on the Human Brain Project, a flagship project of the European Union. During her employment at the hospital, she further strengthened her industry and academic links and deepened her knowledge of MRI imaging, from data acquisition to processing and analysis, in the clinical context.

Since 2017, she is a co-founder and the COO of Mirrakoi SA. The company offers software solutions (Rhino3DMedical) for orthopedic and CMF surgical planning, facilitating the creation of patient-specific 3D printable anatomical models and surgical guides from medical CT/MRI scans (https://rhino3dmedical.com/). At Mirrakoi SA, Zsuzsanna leads the design and implementation of business operations. She is responsible for marketing and sales, including PR and customer relations. Zsuzsanna is well-connected within the European start-up, venture, academia, and entrepreneurship scenes where she has been active for several years and recognized by various awards and grants.

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