Interview: Greg Cebular, The Technology House (TTH), Ohio

It was my first interview at The Technology House in 2004 for a project manager position. I answered a newspaper ad and I really did not know what “rapid prototyping” was at the time, but when they gave me a tour of the facility and showed me the Stereolithography (SLA) process and light was creating parts, I was hooked. Immediately, I imagined the movie Back to the Future II when they order something and it just appears instantaneously in their house. I thought it was the future of manufacturing.

What I really liked about TTH early on was that they worked heavily in the medical industry, mostly making urethane molded, injection molded or machined components supported by 3D printing. But, we did a lot of work early on making medical models via CT scans to aid in cranial implants. I have always seen 3D printing as the future of manufacturing with the ability to solve problems that were not possible before.

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