Government Shutdown and 3DHEALS: There is a Connection, Believe or Not

On the evening of January 22nd, 2018, 3DHEALS hosted the first pilot executive working conference at the Washington DC office of ReedSmith, a law firm with special interests in liability issues related to 3D printed medical device. The goal of this conference aims to bring executives from different healthcare organizations, additive manufacturing industry, bioprinting and pharma companies, academia, and the government policy experts together to tackle some of the tougher problems facing the healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting industry. In theory, the small group format will allow decision makers in each organization to have a multi-disciplinary conversation, outside of the silo they often found themselves in.
There was no sales pitch in this conference. The goal was one and only: Finding out what are the top challenges facing the industry, and have a conversation to initiate solutions. We named this 3-hour event, “3DHEALS: Taming the Wild West of 3D Printing”, and focused on policy related issues for the attendees. While due to inopportune government shut-down no government entity was present (i.e. FDA, DOD, NIH, etc), the conversations were filled with enthusiasms and inspiration. Below is our meeting minute and we think sharing the notes will be beneficial to everyone in the ecosystem. 

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