3DHEALS2018 Gala: Fundraise Event for Limbforge and Victoria Hand Project 🗓 🗺

845 Market Street, 4th Level, under the dome, San Francisco, CA 94103 Map

Join us for an exciting evening at Autodesk SF Gallery for the Limbforge and Victoria Hand Project where you’ll be able to enjoy food and wine, as well as the fun and intriguing nature of this gallery! 


5:30-6:30 pm – Food and wine
6:30-7:30 pm – Presentation (Autodesk Foundation, Limbforge, Victoria Hand Project, 3DHEALS)
7:00-9:30 pm – Networking, Wine reception, Silent Auction

About the causes you will be supporting:

The Victoria Hand Project (VHP) is a non-profit company with a mission to provide upper-limb prostheses to amputees in need of care. We have designed a high-function, visually-appealing, low-cost, 3D printed prosthesis system, and also created a scalable manufacturing system whereby our prosthesis can be built anywhere in the world. Furthermore, with 3D scanning technology the prosthesis is customized to the amputee’s limb anatomy, to ensure the best fit for each patient while still remaining affordable.Through our international partners, we deliver our prostheses via experienced prosthetic care providers, in as little as one week from a request. We have experienced partners such as the Range of Motion Project (ROMP) in Guatemala, or Limb Care Nepal Pvt in Nepal. By working through professional clinicians we can ensure the highest quality of care. VHP creates the prosthesis designs with a team of engineers in Victoria, Canada, and distributes the base-designs digitally to all partners.  We go on-site in countries to set up a 3D Print Center (equipping it with 3D printers, 3D scanners, equipment & tools, computers and software), and then provide training on printing, assembly, and fitting of the Victoria Hand system.  With all our international partners, on-going support and updates are provided over the long-term.


Nick Dechev
Nick Dechev received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada, in 2004, and joined the University of Victoria in 2005.  He is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering, and is presently Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program. Dr. Dechev’s research program involves biomedical system design with application areas centered on advanced hand prosthesis and bio-sensor design.  These areas include: 3D printing of hand prosthesis, implantable sensor design for acquisition of bio-signals, and wireless power transfer technology for implantable sensors. These projects aim at developing better methods for the control of advanced hand prosthesis.  He is also the Executive Director of the Victoria Hand Project, a non-profit dedicated to providing hand prosthesis to amputees in need in developing countries.

LimbForge provides software tools that enable clinicians to maximize their time and help more people, providing extremely affordable prosthetics. Addressing the global shortage of prosthetics professionals while also lowering materials and equipment operation costs, our software simplifies access and delivers ultra lightweight, culturally-appropriate, customized prosthetics to the people who need them most. A successful prosthetic is the beginning of a life-long process.  As patients age, change their jobs, weight, and activities, they require access to trained clinicians and new devices. LimbForgeR builds capacity by providing tools and creating a network of trained clinicians and non-profit humanitarian groups committed to sustainable care systems. At LimbForgeR, we see prosthetics as one of the greatest human-centered objects of all time: a prosthesis must empower its user both physically and emotionally, reflecting their experiences, culture, wants, and needs.


Andreas Bastian

Andreas Bastian is a designer, engineer, and artist who develops and applies cutting-edge 3D printing technologies. As a senior research scientist at Autodesk, he studies both novel and established additive manufacturing technologies and their role in the near future. He has conducted research in fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology as lead R&D engineer at MakerBot Industries and developed low-cost selective laser sintering technology (SLS) at both the Miller Lab for Microphysiological Systems and Advanced Materials and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute at Rice University. More recently as an artist in residence at Autodesk, he explored low-cost metal laser sintering, developed an unbounded 3D printing system with applications in digital textile fabrication, and researched mesostructured cellular materials.

 About the organizer:

3DHEALS is a healthcare 3D printing innovation platform, with a mission to educate, connect, and standardize healthcare 3D printing and the bio-printing universe. 
This fundraising event is during the 3DHEALS2018 Global Summit. Summit attendee needs to purchase a separate ticket.