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3DHEALS Speakers:

Who can speak at the 3DHEALS events?

Typically, we look for key opinion leaders, social media influencers, innovators, and early adaptors with different backgrounds to engage in a theme-based 90-minute presentation and conversation. 3DHEALS team and its global community managers are on the constant search for trending relevant topics that would address critical issues in healthcare 3D printing, bioprinting ecosystem, as well as the adjacent fields. However, if you would like to be invited to speak, here is the application portal.

What is the basic format for 3DHEALS webinar?

The typical format of the webinar is the following: 

Total webinar time lasts 90 minutes, including presentations and audience QA. We typically invite 3-4 expert speakers with or without a moderator focusing on a single theme. Each speaker will have 15-20 mins presentation time typically with visual tools like PowerPoint presentations, videos, AR/VR, or 3D prints. Immediately following each speaker’s presentation, there will be a 5 min QA session from moderated audience questions.

What should I present?

Unless you are speaking as a sponsor, we will require you to keep the sales pitch to a minimum. Even for sponsors, we have the same recommendation: keep the sales pitch low. The goal of these events is to foster intellectual exchange and not for direct sales. Of course, being in the spotlight will naturally elevate your and your company’s visibility. We would argue that a presentation that provides insights and knowledge rather than a sales pitch will be a lot more impactful to your business goals and career.

What about recording and sharing of the Zoom webinar?

We would require speakers to grant us permission to record the zoom webinar and share it with the public without any restriction because frankly, this is the only way to make this virtual event meaningful. Speakers who have concerns or will not grant us permission will not be invited to speak.

What is the audience made of?

The audience is a typical mix of engineering, healthcare, entrepreneur, academics, and industry. A typical conservative estimate of a nonbioprinting event registration is 100-200, and a bioprinting event registration is 200-300. These numbers are growing over time. The number is also very dependent on the theme, specific speaker, format, and time zone of the particular event. The typical live audience is around 30% of those registered, which is industry standard, but we often have 40%-50% of the registered audience live.

Have more questions? Come back and re-visit this page, as we are updating this page regularly. Or, you can email us: info@3dheals.com