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Trailhead Biosystems

Headquarters 10000 Cedar Avenue Room 3-138 Cleveland Ohio 44106 USA
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Categories: Bioprinting, Materials


Trailhead Biosystems merges developmental biology and cell therapeutics with cutting edge hardware, and computerized experimental design and analysis to perform process-specific parameter optimization for customers seeking to develop cell therapies. Implementing Quality by Design (QbD) principles, cell culture optimization is done by utilizing Design of Experiment (DoE) theory combined with Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA). This allows Trailhead to generate mathematical models of the biological system, understand the effector-response relationship in cell culture, and provide a systems biology analysis of the differentiation space. DoE-based experimental design and robotic execution greatly reduce the number of experiments and time needed for optimizing a large number of variables simultaneously. You will see that Trailhead Biosystems is novel from its ability to: Have computer-based experimental designs executed for advanced cell culture Gain knowledge into how cell culture affects gene expression in cells Mathematically model the effector/response space so virtual experiments can be performed and enable exploration of cell biology to predict how additives will create desirable cell culture fates Address optimization challenges for cell purity and potency Understand the variance in cell manufacturing methods