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We empower 3D Bioprinting with Soft Matter Analytics

Headquarters 5333 Casgrain Ave., suite 601 Montreal QC H2T 1X3 Canada
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Categories: Bioprinting, Simulation
CEO: Anis Hadj Henni Phone: +15142702090


We create Soft Matter Analytics as a unique data set that empowers our users in their quest for innovation, quality and efficiency. Our cutting-edge analytical instruments reproduce real-life environments and capture the dynamic evolution of live soft materials. We design simple-to-use, highly effective and modular products to provide a unique testing experience to our customers. In Life Sciences, we make smart, non-invasive and patented analytical instruments that unlock the access to crucial information on the viscoelasticity of biomaterials and medical devices for R&D, quality insurance and process control. We have designed the ElastoSens™ Bio to test the viscoelasticity of both bioinks and 3D bioprinted constructs without contact and non destructively. Scaffolds can either be introduced or directly printed inside the sample holder of the instrument. They can be tested on the ElastoSens™ Bio multiple times, over long periods and under controlled temperature and UV light conditions. Changes in the storage shear modulus of either the bioink or the scaffold are measured, displayed and reported in real time. Combined with the power of Soft Matter Analytics™, the ElastoSens™ Bio offers an unprecedented development and control platform for scientists and engineers creating 3D bioprinted biosystems or devices.