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Dinsmore Inc

Additive manufacturing and 3d printing service provider. SLA, FDM, MJF, Carbon, RTV casting

Headquarters 1681 Kettering St Irvine CA 92614-5613 United States
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Categories: Service Bureau
CEO: Dale Heuermann Management Phone: 7146417111


Dinsmore Creates Your Product with a One-Stop SolutionIn addition to 3D printing, Dinsmore offers design expertise to get your prototype developed, and rapid manufacturing services to get your product in the hands of customers.

We’re the people to call when you’ve created a new product and must get it to the marketplace before your competitors do. Or when you’re in the early stages of design and need to try several variations on a prototype, and do it quickly. Or even when you don’t have an engineering or design department, and want our experienced team to serve as your own.

Getting there fast matters. And at Dinsmore we excel at that. But getting there fast with the best possible product is crucial, and that’s what truly sets us apart. We are NOT an automated 3D printer, mindlessly churning out whatever you send us with a point and a click. We are dozens of engineering and design experts, professionally examining each project from every angle, offering feedback to you and ideas for improvement before a single thing is printed.

3D printing is an amazing technology, and a very specialized and intricate one as well. Here at Dinsmore we have engineers from all disciplines — industrial, electrical and mechanical — and designers on both the artistic and industrial sides, who have made this their specialty. We can create the product you envision, or offer guidance on what you’ve already developed — from conception to launch.

Dinsmore has been doing this since 2002. We’re passionate about our clients and dedicated to their success. When every moment (and dollar) counts, we’re here to be an extension of your team, bringing our expertise to your table. Our case studies section offers many examples of our work, but truly no two projects are the same, and we’d love the opportunity to speak with you about yours.