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BioPrint 3D

Bioprint3D (one must read as "bioprinted"​) is beyond the gerund (-ing) of the word bioprinting because biofabrication processes should not be fake news or unreal products/processes.

Headquarters Brasília Brasília DF 70770-917 Brazil
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Categories: Bioprinting
CEO: Beatriz Santos Carvalho Co-CEO


From the past to the future of 3D biofabrication

Bioprint3D is a startup that develops and produces low-cost materials and equipment associated with the field of 3D biofabrication. We have as a differential the commercialization of accessible modular kits, besides the production and commercialization of intelligent biotintas of antimicrobial character and with controllable biodegradability. We also work with the dissemination and improvement in the area of ​​biofabrication through courses and on-line and face-to-face training.