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We believe in the patient above all – for their comfort and for their future. We are shaping the future of healthcare through innovative and transformational procedures that create life-changing outcomes for patients all over the world.

Headquarters 405 – 1344 Summer Street Halifax NS B3H 0A8 Canada
Categories: Medical Devices
CEO: James Robar Co-Founder Phone: +1 (902)-442-9091


Our mission is to be the world’s most empathetic healthcare technology company. Every decision we make, every product we launch, and every experience we create is driven from our relentless pursuit of bettering patient outcomes and embodying our values of innovation, precision, and excellence.

We are at the forefront of innovation in healthcare, transforming novel and experimental ideas into real world applications. When any of our decisions could have life-altering effects, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to accuracy and precision. We do not settle for good enough when greatness is what our patients require.