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Montelo offers services of 3D printing and 3D design for medical applications. Our solutions are for surgery plannig, splints, dental industry and implants.

Categories: 3D Printers, Consulting, Dental, Medical Devices, Prosthesis, Software
CEO: Gerardo Espinosa Phone: +52 6441710527


Montelo offers materialization solutions for diagnostic imaging through the #Print3D. From aneurysms to the right ventricle of a heart, Montelo focuses on improving the performance of the surgical act by taking advantage of 3D design and printing technologies as an aid during the diagnostic and planning stage of the latter. Even this allows to pre-test the execution of the procedure with the physical piece. Among its solutions, we can mention the design of digital models based on studies of # computerized axial tomographies ready to be printed in # 3d, the printing of .STL files of the aforementioned models and the production of customizable teaching kits.