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Identify3D is a leader in software for the digital supply chain enabling companies to secure intellectual property, ensure that products are produced according to defined engineering requirements and provide full traceability of manufactured parts. Ultimately, Identify3D helps engineers make better decisions using in-depth analytics and reporting to enable innovation, optimization and scalability across disparate digital production platforms.

Headquarters 4 Joost Ave. San Francisco CA 94131 United States
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Categories: Software
CEO: Joe Inkenbrandt Phone: 1-866-479-8045 Ext. 100


Identify3D was born in beautiful San Francisco in 2014. We are excited to see the Digital Manufacturing Industry exploding in its growth and breadth of applications. With this growth we saw the need to better protect companiesā€™ unique designs and Digital Manufacturing assets. From this need Identify3D was born. We help protect the intellectual property of the original design from unauthorized distribution, transformation, replication, and production. We also help the design retain its original quality by coupling production standards and manufacturing rules (machine, consumable, key set-up parameters) to the design that must be authorized and authenticated before production can occur. Lastly, we give companies the ability to have Digital Manufacturing give them actionable feedback through our in-depth analytics.