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3d.FAB is the only French Plateforme Technologique Innovante dedicated to life science.

Headquarters Bâtiment Axel’One Campus 5 Avenue Gaston Berger Villeurbanne 69100 France
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Categories: Bioprinting
CEO: Christophe Marquette Coordinator Phone: +33 (0)4 72 43 13 69


3d.FAB is the only French Plateforme Technologique Innovante dedicated to academic and private innovation through 3D printing, in the field of health. We have two main areas of expertise :

  • For biochemistry, especially diagnosis with prototyping 3D lab-on-chip, novel materials for 3D medical devices, biocompatible polymers and cell-size 3D printing.
  •  For regenerative medicine through dedicated living cells and tissues printers.