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Organization Name
Headquater location
Categories: Stem Cells
Headquarters Stauffacherstr 130A Bern 3014 Switzerland

CELLnTEC remains a small and focused company, with...

Categories: Software
Headquarters Mirrakoi SA, EPFL Innovation Park, Building C Lausanne 1015 Switzerland
Categories: Bioprinting, Consulting, Service Bureau
Headquarters Serre 4 / Gare 10 Neuchâtel CH-2001 Switzerland

Categories: Bioprinting
Headquarters Readily3D SA EPFL Innovation Park CH–1015 Lausanne Switzerland
Categories: Bioprinting
Headquarters ZI du Vivier 22 Villaz-St-Pierre 1690 Switzerland

RegenHU has dedicated its engineering skills to as...

Categories: Materials
Headquarters Manno Switzerland

The platform for creating organs and tissues in th...

Categories: 3D Printers, Medical Devices
Headquarters Zurich Switzerland

Virtopsy began at the turn of the millennium as mu...