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Organization Name
Headquater location
Categories: 3D Printers, Dental
Headquarters 55 rue Saint Fargeau Paris 75020 France

3Dcelo is a company specializing in Guided Surgery...

Categories: 3D Printers, Medical Devices
Headquarters Bâtiment Team Henri Fabre Technoparc des Florides Marignane 13700 France

3D-Medlab is a specialized engineering office in c...

Categories: Bioprinting
Headquarters Bâtiment Axel’One Campus 5 Avenue Gaston Berger Villeurbanne 69100 France

3d.FAB is the only French Plateforme Technologique...

Categories: Medical Devices
Headquarters 27 rue buffon Beaune 21200 France
Categories: Dental, Software
Headquarters 6 av michel jourdan Cannes 06150 France
Categories: Stem Cells
Headquarters 60 Avenue Rockefeller Bioparc Laennec Lyon 69008 France

Cellenion was founded in 2016 in Lyon (France) as ...

Categories: Bioprinting, Service Bureau
Headquarters Bat A16, 5 avenue Lionel Terray, Meyzieu Lyon 69330 France

CTIBiotech uses advanced tissue engineering techni...

Categories: Bioprinting, Materials
Headquarters Petite Halle Site Bouchayer Viallet 31 rue Gustave Eiffel Grenoble 38000 France

INNOVGEL is a smart platform that can be used in m...

Categories: Bioprinting, Medical Devices
Headquarters 70 rue du docteur Yersin, LOOS, Hauts-De-France Paris 59120 France

Lattice Medical also provides solutions for improv...

Categories: Bioprinting
Headquarters 5, avenue du Grand Sablon La Tronche 38700 France

Microlight3D offers ultra-high resolution 2D and 3...

Categories: Bioprinting, Pharma
Headquarters Bioparc Bordeaux Métropole Bâtiment C – 1er étage 27 allée Charles Darwin Pessac 33600 France

Poietis develops and produces human, customized ti...

Categories: 3D Printers, Bioprinting
Headquarters ZI Les Garennes, 1/3 rue Chappe Les Mureaux 78130 France

Prodways Group is a specialist in industrial and p...

Categories: 3D Scanners, Software
Headquarters Bâtiment B – 5 impasse des Muriers Merignac 33700 France

RODIN4D provides the orthopaedics industry with im...

Categories: Wearables
Headquarters 19 Rue du 4 Septembre Paris 75002 France
Categories: Medical Devices
Headquarters 700, Avenue du Pic Saint Loup MONTPELLIER 34090 France

A 3D printing soles solution unique and global.

Categories: Materials
Headquarters 26 Rue des Sablons Montmagny 95360 France

Building upon a strong intellectual property portf...