Design for 3D Printed Medical Devices 🗓

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blank blank Dec 02, 2021
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Jade Myers

Rochester Institute of Technology, Visiting Scientist/Adjunct Faculty, Rochester, NY


Jade holds positions as both Visiting Scientist at the RIT LiveAbility Lab and Adjunct Faculty within the Biomedical Engineering Department and the School of Individualized Studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She has served as Research & Development Associate and Haiti Project Team Lead for LimbForge (in partnership with Victoria Hand Project), a non-profit specializing in increasing access to quality prostheses for underserved communities throughout the world and has collaborated with Doctors without Borders (MSF) on international ultra-low-cost medical device projects involving 3D printing. She instructs and co-instructs several courses including “Medical Device Design” and “3D-Technologies for Prosthetic Applications,” an interdisciplinary, project-based class that leverages 3D-printing, scanning, and CAD to engage students in the many facets of prosthetic design. Concurrently a Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Ph.D. student, her research centers on finding novel ways to improve the design of and increase access to low-cost, medical grade 3D-printed prosthetic devices for those with the greatest need across the globe.

Matthew Shomper


Matthew is an innovative engineering leader with a noted expertise in computational design of biologically-advantageous medical implants. His articles have been published in Orthopedic Design and Technology, BoneZone, and he is a regularly-referenced expert in topics related to next-gen modeling and additive development. Matthew leads the charge on the adoption of advanced modeling programs that augment traditional approaches to medical device design and is on the forefront of additive and materials advancement in his field. As Director of Engineering at Tangible, Matthew strives to connect with customers and understand their requirements – helping them to drive towards product launch in the shortest possible timeframe. He has driven the design and development of numerous medical devices from concept development to market launch, and thus understands customers’ pain points, timelines, and budget constraints. With the dual knowledge of both manufacturing and design and development, he is able to swiftly direct projects through V&V activities and FDA approvals by applying a rigorous understanding of device requirements.

Peter Domeracki

Founder and CEO of Genic System


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