Cybersecurity for 3D Printed Medical Devices, Less Crazy and More Useful Than Bitcoins

The congressional testimony by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO/founder of Facebook this week has left many in deep reflection. The data leak and the implicated political influence by a foreign country on the US politics woke many Americans (and perhaps the world) up. Fifteen years ago, when everyone in college just signed up for Facebook and excited about the phrase “social media”, few could imagine these dark days like this week. Few they were, but not none. The growth of the internet and mega-startups like Google, Twitter, and Facebook outpaced our ability to forecast, reflect, and protect against potential downside of technical revolutions. Therefore, as the city of San Francisco is getting ready for one of the largest cybersecurity conference RSA 2018 next week, it is a good opportunity to remind everyone again that in the realm of healthcare 3D printing, cybersecurity vulnerabilities are innumerable and need to be addressed now, or it will be an expensive lesson for all.

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