This section contains all the excerpts from 3DHEALS publications (i.e. our books and white papers).

New! 3DHEALS White Paper – Biocompatible materials for 3D Printing Medical Device

   The objectives of this white paper are to provide clarification and in-depth discussion of the topics below, which are critical elements to the additive manufacturing industry in healthcare:...

Definition of biocompatibility.
Discussion on how biocompatibility is assessed within the current regulations of materials and medical devices by major regulatory agencies.
Summary of how different regulatory agencies are managing the introduction of 3D printing into the healthcare space to date.
List of major available biocompatibility materials and those in development.

Idea to Implementation: Out-sourced Financial Plan for 3D Printing for Surgical Applications — Sample financial worksheet

Hui Jenny Chen, MD and Michelle Gabriel, MS, MBA (This blog is adapted from our recent publication A Roadmap from Idea to Implementation: 3D Printing for Pre-Surgical Application: Operational Management for 3D Printing in Surgery) Scenario: A community based...