From Academia: Biomaterials with Shape Memory, 3D Printed Diagnostic Device using Smartphone, Modular Microcage Scaffold

In this week’s From Academia, we share with you the latest publications in 4D printing, 3D printing and smartphone sensing, and bioprinting of microgel-loaded microcages. Here, the first article demonstrates a stereochemically tunable biomaterial for 4D printing, enabling shape memory functionality. 4D printing refers to printing an object that can be changed from a 1D strand from a 2D surface into a pre-programmed 3D shape and can morph between different dimensions. The second article demonstrates a 3D printed smartphone attachment device that enables nephelometric and fluorimetric sensing. Here, the last article explores the utilization of a lithography-based 3D printing strategy to fabricate a tunable microcage, allowing scaffold systems to be modular and be scaled manually with ease.

From Academia” features recent, relevant, close to commercialization academic publications. Subjects include but not limited to healthcare 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, and related emerging technologies.

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Elastomeric polyamide biomaterials with stereochemically tuneable mechanical properties and shape memory

Authored by Joshua C. Worch, Andrew C. Weems, Jiayi Yu, Maria C. Arno, Thomas R. Wilks, Robert T. R. Huckstepp, Rachel K. O’Reilly, Matthew L. Becker & Andrew P. Dove. Nature Communications, 26 June 2020

New, inexpensive and simple 3D printable device for nephelometric and fluorimetric determination based on smartphone sensing

Authored by Ezequiel Vidal, Anabela S. Lorenzetti, Miguel Ángel Aguirre, Antonio Canals and Claudia E. Domini. RSC Advances, 26 May 2020

3D Printing of Microgel-Loaded Modular Microcages as Instructive Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Authored by Ramesh Subbiah Christina Hipfinger, Anthony Tahayeri,  Avathamsa Athirasala,  Sivaporn Horsophonphong,  Greeshma Thrivikraman,  Cristiane Miranda França,  Diana Araujo Cunha,  Amin Mansoorifar,  Albena Zahariev,  James M. Jones,  Paulo G. Coelho,  Lukasz Witek,  Hua Xie,  Robert E. Guldberg,  Luiz E. Bertassoni. Advanced Materials. 23 July 2020. 

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