3DHEALS2020: Thank You!

Jun 17, 2020

We never thought marathon-style webinars could be so much fun. The entire two days, 23 sessions (sometimes parallel), went 95% glitch-free. The success of 3DHEALS2020 is 100% a result of a shared vision of the healthcare 3D printing community, speakers, 3DHEALS community managers, and the conference organizers.

Behind the scene, many have worked around the clock to make sure backup recordings and IT supports are available. 90% of the speakers were able to participate in a practice run before the event. Some did not sleep to speak from different time zones. Backup volunteer co-hosts went extra miles to make sure the show goes on in any potential crisis scenario. Many offered help and never asked for a return. All believe that innovation in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting MUST GO ON and that nothing can stop our vision as a community. Not the pandemic, not geographic, language, or time zone barriers. Here is some quick stat on the event below.

We also made several key sessions Free to the public (Stay tuned for updates on 3DHEALS.com as we gather external recordings):

Keynote speech by Dr. Alan Dang from PrinterPrezz: 3D Printing Ti6Al4V Orthopaedic Implants: As Easy as Counting 1-2-3 (Video)

Victoria Hand Project Fundraising Presentation (Video)

“Fireside Chat with Tamer Mohamed (Aspect Biosystems) and Mike Graffeo (Fluidform)” (Podcast)

3DHEALS Community Manager Presentation (Morning Session) (Video)

3DHEALS Community Manager Presentation & Event Goodbye (Evening Session) (Video)

Conference Recording Available for Purchase Until September 5th, 2020 Here

Thanks to our Sponsors: