3DHEALS2018 SPEAKER: Dr. Uri Lopatin

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blank Jan 23, 2018

Dr. Uri Lopatin
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Dr. Lopatin joined Assembly as Chief Medical officer in July 2014 upon the acquisition of Assembly Pharmaceuticals by merger. Dr. Lopatin was a co-founder of Assembly Pharmaceuticals, where he served as Chief Medical Officer and Vice President Research and Development since October 2012. Prior to Assembly, he was a Senior Director for Clinical and Translational Research in Liver Disease at Gilead Sciences. Prior to Gilead, Dr. Lopatin was a Translational Medical Leader at Roche focused on chronic infectious diseases and immunology. Earlier, he was an Associate Director in Hepatology at Schering-Plough. Dr. Lopatin has published extensively, specifically on HBV and immunology, and is a co-author of multiple patents for the diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis. Dr. Lopatin was a mentor in the Thiel 20 Under 20 Fellowship and a Fellow in the UPMC Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative. Dr. Lopatin graduated cum laude with distinction from Cornell University and received his MD degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry-New Jersey Medical School, where he was awarded the Stanley S. Bergen medal of excellence. Dr. Lopatin received his infectious disease Board certification following fellowship training at the National Institutes of Health, and internal medicine Board certification following completion of residency at New York University.
Dr. Lopatin will be a speaker on the investment panel at 3DHEALS2018.