3DHEALS2018 SPEAKER: Mr. Sanjay Prabhu

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blank blank Jan 25, 2018

Sanjay Prabhu
   Sanjay Prabhublank
Sanjay Prabhu is a Staff Pediatric Neuro radiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Harvard Medical School. He is the founding director of the Advanced Image Analysis Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital and Clinical Director of the SIMPeds3D print program. His current clinical research interests include 3D printing, imaging of pediatric epilepsy, use of augmented reality, clinical decision support, and machine learning in radiology. He has authored more than 100 peer- reviewed papers and 18 book chapters.
As the Clinical Director of the SIMPeds3D print program, he oversees the creation of be spoke patient specific 3D printed models and virtual surgical procedures. He also provides support to the engineering teams in the areas of simulation using virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and in rapid prototyping for pediatric surgical simulation and education. Over the last 4 years, the SIMPeds3D print team has created more than 500 bespoke 3D patient specific models to help clinicians from various sub specialties in Boston and other parts of the world.
Mr. Prabhu will be a speaker at 3DHEALS2018.