3DHEALS2018 SPEAKER: Dr. Paul S D’Urso CEO of AnatomicsRX

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blank Jan 21, 2018

Dr. Paul S D’Urso
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Dr Paul S D’Urso is an Australian Neurosurgeon and the Founder & Executive Chairman of the Anatomics group of companies in Melbourne, Australia. His unique experience in research, clinical practice, teaching, commercialisation and medico-legal opinion has made him an internationally recognised Australian neurosurgeon, scientist, and innovator. Dr. D’Urso invented the technology of BioModelling with ground breaking PhD research and founded Anatomics, one of the world’s most innovative medical software & device companies in 1995. Dr. D’Urso was a fellow at the Cambridge University Neurosurgery unit and a clerk at Harvard Medical School. He has published and presented over 130 scientific papers, holds multiple international patents and has won over 30 prestigious research prizes.
Dr. D’Urso will be a speaker at 3DHEALS2018.