3DHEALS2018 SPEAKER : Dr. Melanie Matheu

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blank Mar 02, 2018

Dr. Melanie Matheu
Dr. Melanie Matheu 
Dr. Melanie Matheu co-founded Prellis Biologics in October 2016, with the mission to create fully vascularized human tissues and organs for transplantation. Her realization that the tiny blood vessels necessary for creating human organs could be replicated using the laser technology at the center of her PhD thesis work, led to development of the blended engineering and biology approach Prellis is using to solve the human organ shortage. Dr. Matheu is an expert in laser-based imaging of the immune system and developed Prellis' platform technology. She brings her multi-disciplinary experience in specialized laser microscopy, cell biology, physiology, and biophysics to address the unsolved biomedical challenge of rapid 3D printing of large, vascularized tissues.
Dr. Matheu will be a speaker at 3DHEALS2018.