3DHEALS2018 SPEAKER : Alexis Dang

April 17, 2018
Category: 3dheals2018

Dr. Alexis Dang, MD is a board certified Orthopaedic Surgeon at UCSF.  His clinical and research practice is at the San Francisco VA Health Care System.  He is an Assistant Professor at UCSF, co-founder of Edge Labs in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UCSF, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at PrinterPrezz, and staff member at the UCSF Makers Lab.  He was an undergraduate at Stanford University with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Economics.  He then entered medical school at UCSF and continued as an Orthopaedic Surgery resident at UCSF.  He then completed his fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Rochester.

His current utilization of 3D printing spans from the creation and use of Precision Anatomic Models ™ for Orthopaedic Surgery, planning, education, and training to rapid prototyping as part of his role as faculty in the UCSF/UC Berkeley Masters in Translational Medicine program and in the UCSF Surgical Innovations group.   He believes in bringing the most capable technologies, both hardware and software, from any field into medical applications.  He is a big advocate of desktop based 3D printing and his lab maintains multiple 3D printers, with an emphasis on open source solutions, which greatly increasing the accesibility of additive technology and products.   He performs his own image segmentation, mesh cleanup, print preparation, and printing, this has given him an unique perspective into what is needed to complete the additive production chain, but also into the potential of additive technologies.

In collaboration with Dr. Alan Dang, MD, he has a patent pending through UCSF for advanced spinal implants, that can only be manufactured through additive techniques.

His interests include innovations in additive materials, manufacturing processes, and additive design.  He believes that 3D printing for medical applications will take us “Beyond: Make”  allowing us to not just manufacture products in a different way, but to manufacture better products that can be made no other way.