Press Release: 3DHEALS2018 Fundraising Event for Limbforge and Victoria Hand Project: Global Healthcare Impact of 3D Printing Is A Reality, But Needs Your Help

Jenny Chen,
[San Franciso, California, USA] – 3DHEALS, LLC. is pleased to these announce fundraising event for Limbforge and Victoria Hand Project on the night of April 20th, 2018. These are two nonprofit organizations leveraging 3D printing scanning and 3D printing technologies for amputees worldwide. They are doing this through the development of low cost, accessible, clinically tested upper extremity prosthetic solutions.
3DHEALS2018 is an annual global summit focusing on healthcare 3D printing and bio-printing solutions for medical and dental industries. The summit attracts hundreds of healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, and organizations to the Bay Area to learn and collaborate on projects. The fundraising event occurs annually in conjunction with the summit to provide financial support to the nonprofit organizations in the field. This year the fundraising event aims to raise money for the Victoria Hand Project (VHP)(Victoria, Canada) and Limbforge (Seattle, USA). Both organizations aim to address the shortage of prosthetics professionals and high-cost of prosthetics, especially in the developing world. Both organizations aim to develop high-function, customized, culturally appropriate, visually-appealing, low cost, 3D printed prosthesis system and a “scalable manufacturing system” whereby the prosthesis can be built anywhere in the world. Not only do both organizations aim to improve thousands of amputees lives’ with technologies, they also effectively engage local healthcare providers to provide sustainable long-term solutions. Additionally, both organizations have collaborated on multiple projects with many international groups including the MSF foundation and Nia technologies, another 3D printing prosthetics nonprofit organization from Canada.
The night of the fundraising event will start with four presentations from the Dr. Nick Dechev from Victoria Hand Project, Andreas Bastian from Limbforge, Jerry Evans from Nia Technologies, as well as Dr. Safa Herfat from MSF foundation. Each is anticipated to present the public with powerful stories on how emerging technologies like 3D printing can impact the developing world in a way that is never been observed before. These stories will not only be about the benefits of the technologies, but also the challenges of being the early adopters of technologies in complex geopolitical and cultural settings. The presentations will be expected to be educational, meaningful, and profound. A silent auction will take place after the presentations. The link to more information about the event is here.