3DHEALS Weekly Newsletter March 4th, 2019

Use of Standard Files for Additive Manufacturing

By  Fabio Sanches Sant’Ana

Figure 1- Segmented CT SCAN of my back – STL format

(Translated from Portuguese)

It’s a Long story.

Information storage and distribution is something old, started with memory recap and speeches, passed by stone sculpting, handwriting, was highly improved by Gutenberg and now relies on computer files and the “cloud”. On additive, the information had been transferred mostly by “Standard Tessellation Language” –. STL computer files.

Created to take the geometry from CAD to the stereolithography machine it is a simple way to give shape to the computer information by making a huge list of point coordinates.


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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Steven Morris, BIOLIFE4D

What inspired you to start your journey in bioprinting? 

“After I sold the last company I was planning to start a 3D printing rapid prototype engineering company.  It was when I was learning about 3D printing applications when I first learned about 3D bioprinting, its applications, and potential.  Knowing that cardiovascular disease takes the lives of 1 out of every 3 people in every developed country in the world and that we are on the precipice of the bioprinting technology which could directly address this situation, I knew that putting together a company consisting of pre-eminent leaders in the associated technologies needed was imperative.” Read more…

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Additive Manufacturing Strategies Conference 2019 – Dental Overview

By Mayra Vasques

Valplast Arfona 3D Printed dentures

We started the year with the Additive Manufacturing Strategies conference organized by SmarTech Publishing and 3dprint.com. The idea of this conference was to present and discusses the trends for the medical and dental 3d printing markets through the main players in these areas.

The latest news about the additive manufacture equipment and process were presented by industrial leaders. In addition, clinicians and researchers like me presented users’ point of views on what is changing with the technology. The companies focused on delivering better options for chairside 3d printing in terms of speed and material. Some companies are also working on easier methods of post-processing. For example, Structo wants to include all the post-processing steps all in one equipment (printing, washing and curing light). Others are focusing on releasing different types of materials, for example, new resins for dentures by Formlabs and the multicolor options from 3DSystems…


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The objectives of this white paper are to provide clarification and in-depth discussion of the topics below, which are critical elements to the additive manufacturing industry in healthcare:

  • Definition of biocompatibility.
  • Discussion on how biocompatibility is assessed within the current regulations of materials and medical devices by major regulatory agencies.
  • Summary of how different regulatory agencies are managing the introduction of 3D printing into the healthcare space to date.
  • List of major available biocompatibility materials and those in development.

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