3DHEALS Weekly Newletter Jan 28th, 2019

From 3D Printing to VR/AR: Simple Connection?

By Jesse Courtier, MD

The same, but different:

My journey in 3D imaging began with 3D Printing as I searched for a way to show the visually complex Diffusion Tensor Imaging data obtained from my research in pediatric kidney transplants. As I began to explore technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) through my work at UCSF and HoloSurg3D, I found that while these technologies have many similarities with 3D printing, there were certain considerations that needed to be made when crossing between these mediums. In this post, I’ll describe those areas and provide some considerations when optimizing images for AR/VR…





3DHEALS Startup Shout-outs:

3DHEALS announces six startups in the field of healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting weekly.  Nominate your company to be included in the shoutouts by submitting to our FREE Company Directory online.

BIOLIFE4D is a pioneering biotech company laser-focused on leveraging advances in life sciences and tissue engineering to 3D bioprint a viable human heart suitable for transplant – lifesaving technology that gives patients the gift of time. CEO Steven Morris will be speaking at our 3DHEALS Chicago event on March 6th, 2019.
MEDICALIP is a 3D Bio Simulator Platform Service Provider with ANATDEL (3D anatomical models based on real patient medical data from CT, MRI, CBCT) and MEDIP (medical 3D imaging & printing software) which alone or in combination enable medical doctors to take a clear preview of ill spots in patients’ body before surgery for saving lives. Based in Seoul, Korea, since 2015 MEDICALIP has developed and manufactured specific image processing software and high-quality patient-specific anatomical 3D model.
Viscus Biologics is an original design manufacturer. It specializes in decellularization of xenograft tissue and design and form factoring ECM and collagen into powders, sheets, scaffolds, and bio inks for bioprinting. Viscus Biologics follows GMP and ISO 13485 compliant scale-up and manufacturing processes. Using a phase-based approach we help our business clients to develop needs-based products and components based on our product platforms.
HoloSurg3D began with an idea conceived by founder Jesse Courtier, MD, a UCSF radiologist who noted a recurring challenge in surgical planning conference: that surgeons had difficulty translating radiology information into real-world patients for surgical planning. His experience in 3D printing led to him into the direction of Augmented Reality and he discovered the enormous potential for this application in imaging. Read founder Dr. Jesse Courtier’s post on 3DHEALS.
Prellis Biologics is building human tissues for drug development, and ultimately, developing human organs for transplantation. Prellis Biologics, Inc. has solved the final hurdle in human tissue engineering: rapid production of extracellular matrix and capillaries. From biologically compatible materials we build vascularized tissue structures and extracellular matrix to grow human tissues and cells. Read CEO Melanie Matheu’s post on bioprinting this month.




Decentralized Healthcare — Part II: Breaking It All Down

Originally published on “Two Cents” by Jenny Chen, M.D.

To be able to imagine the dramatic change in a system that has existed for thousands of years, stepping away to see the bigger picture is necessary. One important but the overlooked word, “healthcare”, needs to be clearly defined first. Based on Wikipedia (i.e. crowdsourced definition), healthcare is the “maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairment in human beings.” As mentioned in “Decentralized Healthcare Part I”, the current healthcare delivery system is rather centralized. Therefore, an effective decentralized healthcare delivery system needs to serve all the existing roles, if not better, than the current centralized system…





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