3DHEALS Newsletter: Jan 7th, 2019

3D Printing for the Human Organ Shortage: Putting Bio back into Bioprinting


Living cells need oxygen to survive. Since the advent of 3D bioprinting, doctors and scientists have been asked, “When can we transplant a 3D printed heart, a kidney, or a lung?”

It is tantalizing and exciting for the human race to dream of using a straightforward technology to address pressing medical problems for the millions of people suffering from organ failure. It is so exciting that mock-ups of heart and lung structures are printed as examples of the power of 3D printing to re-create any structure–well, almost any structure.

There has been a technical problem, a tiny one: capillaries. Capillaries are the 5-10 micrometer blood vessels (1/10th the size of a human hair) that are the primary place of oxygen exchange throughout our bodies. Capillaries are so small that sometimes single red blood cells fold sideways to make it through. All organisms that rely on oxygen and have bodies larger than 300 micrometers have some version of capillaries.

Nozzle-based printers are the standard in 3D printing. The problem is that no nozzle-based printing system can print at a high enough resolution to build capillaries.

Every tissue in the human body is supplied with oxygen by capillaries; in our lungs, capillaries are where oxygen is absorbed when we breathe.





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